Duel Jousting BETA1.0.3/1.0.4

Duel Jousting VR: BETA 1.0.3/1.0.4

BETA 1.0.3/1.0.4

• Powerups added (Unlock new powerups in shop)
• Shop added • Improved flight animations
• More enemies added to certain stages
• Stages 1-9 now playable
• Shop now requires money to purchase items
• Animation fixes
• Powerups + money(red eggs) drop in almost every stage now


Duel Jousting Update 1.2.9

Update 1.2.9 (COOP Update):


• Local Multiplayer COOP is here! It is currently playable for Standard Mode, Arena, and Retro Mode. VS mode will come in a future update as well as some other special modes for Multiplayer, and improvements to the system as a whole. So for now please bear with us and enjoy the hard work that went into what can be played so far.
• Game now has a cinematic intro that can be skipped


• Retro mode sprites have been improved
• Retro mode red dragon class ground pound attack improved, and now has a 5 second recast timer
• Retro Mode now randomly plays 4 different songs

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Duel Jousting Update 1.2.8

Update 1.2.8

Bug Fixes:

• Removed unnecessary text that popped up when picking up powerups
• Some powerups are easier to pick up now, as well as the red egg

New Content:

• New Super Powerup: Ally, Summon an ally into battle, no more going in alone! (Unlocks after level 5+)
• New achievement to go with the new powerup
• New volcanic song added to the mix (Total of 3 volcanic songs now)
• Music and Sound Effects Sliders are now in the options menu
• Steam Stats enabled