Duel Jousting Update 1.2.7

Duel Jousting Update 1.2.7

Update 1.2.7


• Shop bug fixes, Hover and Golden Lance powerups are now fixed
• Super Lance and Golden Lance powerups pickup mechanic fixed (hopefully)
• UI for powerup pickups has been improved, and is more readable, and gives more detailed info for some powerups upon picking up
• Hover powerup raised a bit so you can actually feel it


• 2 new achievements


Update 1.2.6

UPDATE 1.2.6:

Bug Fixes

•  Stage 5 boss music can now be heard again. The volume levels were accidentally brought down too low.

• Animations for the Jungle map enemies are improved.

• The Jungle map color and lighting has been improved.

New Content

• Two new achievements, Endurance and Burn Them All