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Independant Game studio run by one guy. I specialize in retro styled games and RPG's, also currently prepping for VR. I have 6 years of programming experience and 14 years of Graphic Design experience. I used to work only on 3D modeling and animation, but I decided to go back to my roots of 2D sprite design and animation.


Early History (2008 - 2010)

After college, I started off as a graphic designer that worked for various clients and decided I could no longer be held back creatively. From there I learned how to code on my own starting with visual basic, then moving to Java and C++/C# (Mainly C#). My main career goal since college, has always been and will always be interactive media.

2011 - Currently

Worked on various Android and iPhone apps to sharpen my skills as a game developer and gain the confidence it takes to make a big game. In 2014 I started my new journey with Unity, and have not looked back since. I am way beyond novice with Unity Tech, and continue to get better with coding and all it has to offer every day. Im also getting deep into Audio Production with sound effects and music, but my wife takes care of all the work for me when I need bulk music, since she is a full blown professional producer and singer.



Our currently released game: YouTube

Airship Live Wallpaper YouTube, Vimeo


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in this highly relevant contest." - Award Location, 20 October, 1989
  • "Nomination for this prestigious award." - Award Ceremony, 4 December, 1991
  • "Winner in this highly relevant contest." - Award Location, 20 October, 1989
  • "Nomination for this prestigious award." - Award Ceremony, 4 December, 1991

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Maritza Santana
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