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October, 2015



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Duel Jousting, 2.5D Dragon Jousting!


Project lead: Duel Jousting was born out of the need for a more creative retro remake. I grew up playing Joust and found it fitting to make something like it, but better and of course different. Lets face it, original Joust was too repetitive for today's standards so I improved on it in EVERY WAY while still retaining its original feel. Also as an indie developer I wanted to start with a game that has not been run into the ground in terms of a remake or clone. So in the end I created Duel Jousting to prove I have what it takes to be a great game developer. This game was a platform for me to get better as a game developer, and to keep the Joust gameplay alive. As retro game fans, we as a team hope you like the hard work that went into making this game.


  • 4 Game Modes (Standard, Duel, Arena, Retro - More with updates)
  • Standard mode consists of maps with stages, many new maps unlock as you beat stages in any one map (Over 30 stages)
  • Arena Mode is survival with waves of enemies that get thrown at you repeatedly, and get harder each wave, major leveling up and money is to be won here (you can unlock more Arena maps as well)
  • Duel Mode is a special mode with special rules: Each time you enter and are a different level you will be matched with an enemy at your level. Duel mode can only be done once per level since rewards are so high.
  • Retro Mode is a fun and simple 16-Bit Mode (Powerups disabled, class system replaces it)
  • In Game money shop where you can buy power-ups, weapons and armor, and many other goods.
  • Level up with RPG stats and make your character powerful. (Level cap is 20 right now)
  • Over a dozen Power-ups that randomly drop from the sky and help you win the battle.
  • Customize your Jouster in the character customizer, change your dragons skin, suit up armor, etc.
  • 20+ Achievements to unlock, most of which carry in game rewards that unlock. (Will be linked to steam achievements once greenlit)
  • Xbox controller support (FULL)


Trailer YouTube

Retro Mode Gameplay Video YouTube

Duel Mode Gameplay Video YouTube


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Original Soundtrack
Available on Gamejolt gamejolt.com.

Release Blog Post
The blog-post through which this game was released is available at shadowinkdesigns.com.

About ShadowInk Designs Studio

ShadowInk Designs studio currently specializes in action RPGs. The CEO: Tony Weintz has 7 years of programming experience and, 15 years of graphic design experience. Tony used to work only on 3D modeling and animation, but decided to go back to his roots of 2D sprite design and animation. ShadowInk Designs as a team has created 3 commercial games, and has released 1.

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Duel Jousting Credits

Maritza Santana
Music Producer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks