News about upcoming Update 1.1.4: Prologues

We wanted to take the time to showcase the next update so people know the game development is coming along despite this crazy world we live in. Update 1.1.4 will be a major and important update since it will finally cover all the bases with the four classes prologues and fill in all the gaps. This means all four characters will do all the prologue boss fights, and complete their prologue entirely then move onto chapter 2. This will be many hours of gameplay if you play all four characters, each character has a different amount of time it takes to get to the chapter 2 main quest start point.

The overworld map is getting a bit of an overhaul as new naval ships will fill the oceans giving more immersion to the oceanic experience. Enemy combat will now feature battle music when you come near an enemy. We plan on adding a simple tutorial that shows how to use the controls, nothing to advanced but it should get the point across for new players. Naturally their will be new bind points around the map (your respawn point) since the prologues will be complete. Elderium Empire will get an Inn and a pub combined as a tavern.

Banana trees are coming that will allow you to make banana bread and banana pie. Any new info on the next update will be added as a part 2 so keep an eye out for that. Below is a collection of images and GIF’S to show you where we are at right now with development: