Gardenium Terrarium Update 1.2.0 Released

Update 1.2.0 Released:

New Features/Improvements:

• 5 New artistic stones added to the stones category

• Improved day/night cycle system complete with a moon

• Magic Tools Inventory added, Wand of sun, Wand of moon, and Wand of Rain added (Allows you to control time and weather)

• Can level up to 20 now

• Plant growth timers will now reset properly on restart of the game
• DPI increased for Medium settings to fix text blurriness
• Magic growth button now shows magic growth effects



Gardenium Terrarium Update 1.1.8


• Brand new containers (4 in total) , 1 Steampunk, 2 variants of Six-Sided Pyramid, and 1 Dodecahedron Stained Glass (Paid content)

• Magical Growth Item added to Shop, allows player to grow flowers from body in First Person (Free content)

• Option added that allows you to disable the clouds (Settings)

• Graphics options menu improved (Settings)

• Camera now zooms into Terrarium in main menu when entering the set container

• Fixes to the ad system
• Performance Increase

Their are 4 new containers added for $1.99. Future content will add a complete overhaul to the amount of Terrariums and the amount of biomes available. The game is running the latest Unity

Devlog: Gardenium Terrarium

Here are the latest updates for Gardenium Terrarium:

Whats new in 1.1.5:


• Camera mode (Switch camera to top down, first person and default (Side cam)
• Water bar is now available when you touch a built plant, if the bar is at 0 then you need to water it
• Tutorial added for beginner players
• Plant preview system in place (once you build a plant in the terrarium it now shows up in the main menu)
• Graphics settings upgraded to Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Ultra (*Important: Very High and Ultra turn on ultra HD screen effects, ONLY FOR HIGH END PHONES)


• Bug fix for fertilizer system when growth timer almost 0 then fertilizing would need to be done twice
• Bug fix for timers not resetting properly when a plant was deleted
• Fixes to the GUI item controller, rewards window

Whats new in 1.1.3+ 1.1.4

• The delete system bugs should be fixed now
• The save system reworked for the last time to ensure that data cannot be exploited
• Ad system in place

What’s New in 1.1.2:
• Props pack #1 added (Music Player where you can stream special songs from, buildings, lights, Lilly pond, fountain, well, etc.)

• Main menu upgrades
• UI Fixes (Bigger back buttons, larger text in some areas, shop layout fixes)
• More fixes to the delete system
• Save system reconfigured

What’s New in 1.1.1
• Stones are now stackable again
• Rotate is a bit slower
• Challenges system fixes
• Moss can no longer be built onto crystals

What’s New in 1.1.0:

• Daily Reward system added (gives reward every 12 hours for a limited time)

• Bug Invasions system is now complete, bugs will invade the Terrarium every 5 minutes and will spawn at random. If they eat your plant then it will disappear forever (you lose a seed) Kill one with bug spray and get +10 Golden Seeds

• Move button should now work as intended

• Level up, premium item, SFX added

Version 1.0.9:

• New and improved build mode/place item menu
• You can now rotate with two fingers while placing item (rotate buttons removed)
• Fireflies now save the amounts placed
• Delete button works as intended
• Item controller menu now disappears if pressed while pressing the item tabs at the bottom of the screen
• Improvements to the sphere and fish-bowl containers
• Improvements to the saving system and how it is handled


• Camera now moves up when you approach a part of the terrain that is higher than the camera
• Shop UI fixes for newer phones such as the Galaxy S10
• Added a new song to the music mix
• You can now toggle the music off in settings
• Added a few polished icons


Fixes to timers for succulent 6-8
– Fixes to the leveling system
– The in-game store now has a special icon


All succulent animations completed
– All Terrarium container customization’s now save/load and can be bought from the in-game “store”
– All firefly colors have been added


Challenge system added to help with progression (you can find the challenges icon in the main menu)
– Rotation buttons should work as intended now positions


– Level up system completed, you now get rewarded 150 golden seeds every 1000 exp – Fireflies will respawn to the center of map if they go too far – More moss added


– Fixes to water notifications
– Fixes to Ui for Galaxy S10’s
– Moss added
– Main menu now has an update button in settings as a reminder to update
– Water SFX added
– Fireflies save/load positions


Refer to the games webpage for more info: