Update 1.0.1 Achievements and Bug Fixes

As our ongoing commitment to our first VR game release, we have added Achievements and bug fixes for Volcanic Stage 5 and 6. We can assure players this is only the beginning of awesome updates to come. Our goal wasn’t just – “release a VR game and be done with it”, but to add content and improvements for as long as possible.

We are looking forward to any content ideas from players that would make Duel Jousting VR better, and constructive criticism is very welcomed. Please stay up to date on the game website or the Steam forums for the latest news and content updates.



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Duel Jousting VR – Fast paced Dragon Jousting in multiple maps and settings. Use an arsenal of up to 7 weapons to crush your enemies. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate Dragon Jouster in VR?


  • Full action combat on the back of a dragon
  • 7 weapons to choose from in the shop (Default Lance, Super Lance, Golden Lance, Magic Wand, Dual Wield, Bow and Arrow, Shield, Dragons Breath)
  • A Great shop with 22+ items to purchase and help your journey
  • Battle from the volcanic lands map, to the Jungle, to the Arena!
  • The “Arena Mode” allows the player total freedom of the dragon jouster as you fight waves of enemies
  • Change your dragons skin, hand skin, and armor in the customizer
  • Play multiple minigames that require you to stand or sit depending on the minigame
  • Enjoy a number of powerups that drop from the sky to help you in battle, also unlock more in the shop

Duel Jousting Update 1.3.2


Update 1.3.2

– Fix: Loading times in the loading screen have been lowered
– Fix: Timing issues with going in and out of main menu have been fixed
– Fix: Issue where main menu would make the game leave fullscreen should be fixed
– Fix: Some Audio levels balanced
– Fix: If your character leveled up and the dialogue appears in the win screen, the reward screen will now wait

Duel Jousting Update 1.2.7

Duel Jousting Update 1.2.7

Update 1.2.7


• Shop bug fixes, Hover and Golden Lance powerups are now fixed
• Super Lance and Golden Lance powerups pickup mechanic fixed (hopefully)
• UI for powerup pickups has been improved, and is more readable, and gives more detailed info for some powerups upon picking up
• Hover powerup raised a bit so you can actually feel it


• 2 new achievements


Update 1.2.6

UPDATE 1.2.6:

Bug Fixes

•  Stage 5 boss music can now be heard again. The volume levels were accidentally brought down too low.

• Animations for the Jungle map enemies are improved.

• The Jungle map color and lighting has been improved.

New Content

• Two new achievements, Endurance and Burn Them All