Soda Pop Live Wallpaper for Android

The Soda Pop Live Wallpaper features life-like fluid soda inside the bottle that moves with your accelerometer (Moves as you move the phone/tablet). You can change the bottle label and the fluid to your choosing.

20 Sided Die Live Wallpaper

Get yourself a box of twenty sided die in 3D, this is a fully customizable Live Wallpaper.


– 3 Sets of dice that can all be customized to many colors and materials
– Customize the dice number colors for each dice set
– Dice can be flung around with your finger
– Dice move in the direction you turn your phone (accelerometer required)
– Spawn up to 6 dice per set
– Enable Spinning Dice Mode (Puts a spinning die in the middle of the screen, battery saver mode)

Portals Live Wallpaper RELEASED



Portals live wallpaper has 6 fully animated portals to choose from, each hand crafted exclusively for this Live Wallpaper app. This is a more battery friendly, and minimalistic live wallpaper. More portals will be added with updates.