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Cyberpunk Cyber Chilling T-Shirt

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But it NOW

News about upcoming Update 1.1.4: Prologues

We wanted to take the time to showcase the next update so people know the game development is coming along despite this crazy world we live in. Update 1.1.4 will be a major and important update since it will finally cover all the bases with the four classes prologues and fill in all the gaps. This means all four characters will do all the prologue boss fights, and complete their prologue entirely then move onto chapter 2. This will be many hours of gameplay if you play all four characters, each character has a different amount of time it takes to get to the chapter 2 main quest start point.

The overworld map is getting a bit of an overhaul as new naval ships will fill the oceans giving more immersion to the oceanic experience. Enemy combat will now feature battle music when you come near an enemy. We plan on adding a simple tutorial that shows how to use the controls, nothing to advanced but it should get the point across for new players. Naturally their will be new bind points around the map (your respawn point) since the prologues will be complete. Elderium Empire will get an Inn and a pub combined as a tavern.

Banana trees are coming that will allow you to make banana bread and banana pie. Any new info on the next update will be added as a part 2 so keep an eye out for that. Below is a collection of images and GIF’S to show you where we are at right now with development:

Crescent Hollow RPG Update 1.1.3

Alchemy improved, Walk and combat animations improved, new inventory database.

Be sure to check out our new wallpapers recently added:


New foods will have to be pushed back to a future update, but you can expect some good changes so far:



• Alchemy crafting and Alchemy shop now have new potions available and new effects
• Improved walk, attack and harvest animations for all 4 playable characters
• Inventory and powers now hooked into a new database so going forward we will be able to balance things very fast


• Main menu now auto adjusts your resolution properly
• Hunger system regen amount given when you eat food now works proper

Gardenium Terrarium Update 1.2.0 Released

Update 1.2.0 Released:

New Features/Improvements:

• 5 New artistic stones added to the stones category

• Improved day/night cycle system complete with a moon

• Magic Tools Inventory added, Wand of sun, Wand of moon, and Wand of Rain added (Allows you to control time and weather)

• Can level up to 20 now

• Plant growth timers will now reset properly on restart of the game
• DPI increased for Medium settings to fix text blurriness
• Magic growth button now shows magic growth effects



Gardenium Terrarium Update 1.1.8


• Brand new containers (4 in total) , 1 Steampunk, 2 variants of Six-Sided Pyramid, and 1 Dodecahedron Stained Glass (Paid content)

• Magical Growth Item added to Shop, allows player to grow flowers from body in First Person (Free content)

• Option added that allows you to disable the clouds (Settings)

• Graphics options menu improved (Settings)

• Camera now zooms into Terrarium in main menu when entering the set container

• Fixes to the ad system
• Performance Increase

Their are 4 new containers added for $1.99. Future content will add a complete overhaul to the amount of Terrariums and the amount of biomes available. The game is running the latest Unity

Devlog: Gardenium Terrarium

Here are the latest updates for Gardenium Terrarium:

Whats new in 1.1.5:


• Camera mode (Switch camera to top down, first person and default (Side cam)
• Water bar is now available when you touch a built plant, if the bar is at 0 then you need to water it
• Tutorial added for beginner players
• Plant preview system in place (once you build a plant in the terrarium it now shows up in the main menu)
• Graphics settings upgraded to Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Ultra (*Important: Very High and Ultra turn on ultra HD screen effects, ONLY FOR HIGH END PHONES)


• Bug fix for fertilizer system when growth timer almost 0 then fertilizing would need to be done twice
• Bug fix for timers not resetting properly when a plant was deleted
• Fixes to the GUI item controller, rewards window

Whats new in 1.1.3+ 1.1.4

• The delete system bugs should be fixed now
• The save system reworked for the last time to ensure that data cannot be exploited
• Ad system in place

What’s New in 1.1.2:
• Props pack #1 added (Music Player where you can stream special songs from, buildings, lights, Lilly pond, fountain, well, etc.)

• Main menu upgrades
• UI Fixes (Bigger back buttons, larger text in some areas, shop layout fixes)
• More fixes to the delete system
• Save system reconfigured

What’s New in 1.1.1
• Stones are now stackable again
• Rotate is a bit slower
• Challenges system fixes
• Moss can no longer be built onto crystals

What’s New in 1.1.0:

• Daily Reward system added (gives reward every 12 hours for a limited time)

• Bug Invasions system is now complete, bugs will invade the Terrarium every 5 minutes and will spawn at random. If they eat your plant then it will disappear forever (you lose a seed) Kill one with bug spray and get +10 Golden Seeds

• Move button should now work as intended

• Level up, premium item, SFX added

Version 1.0.9:

• New and improved build mode/place item menu
• You can now rotate with two fingers while placing item (rotate buttons removed)
• Fireflies now save the amounts placed
• Delete button works as intended
• Item controller menu now disappears if pressed while pressing the item tabs at the bottom of the screen
• Improvements to the sphere and fish-bowl containers
• Improvements to the saving system and how it is handled


• Camera now moves up when you approach a part of the terrain that is higher than the camera
• Shop UI fixes for newer phones such as the Galaxy S10
• Added a new song to the music mix
• You can now toggle the music off in settings
• Added a few polished icons


Fixes to timers for succulent 6-8
– Fixes to the leveling system
– The in-game store now has a special icon


All succulent animations completed
– All Terrarium container customization’s now save/load and can be bought from the in-game “store”
– All firefly colors have been added


Challenge system added to help with progression (you can find the challenges icon in the main menu)
– Rotation buttons should work as intended now positions


– Level up system completed, you now get rewarded 150 golden seeds every 1000 exp – Fireflies will respawn to the center of map if they go too far – More moss added


– Fixes to water notifications
– Fixes to Ui for Galaxy S10’s
– Moss added
– Main menu now has an update button in settings as a reminder to update
– Water SFX added
– Fireflies save/load positions


Refer to the games webpage for more info:

Gardenium Terrarium for iPhone and Android

Grow beautiful 3D succulents and plants in your own magical terrarium. Watch them grow in almost real-time, each plant animates over time as it grows. Water them, fertilize them, and protect them from bug invasions! Things like fireflies and amazing props allow for very exciting and detailed customization. This game is in Early Access, but development is moving along quite nicely. With the players help we can shape the game into the best Terrarium game on mobile! The game features custom artwork, sound effects and music.

Future content will add many new items to build as well as new biomes/environments to add to your Terrariums!


• Grow succulents and plants that grow over time and are fully animated in HD

• Watering the plants as much as you can gives you many rewards and Experience points to level up with

• Build your terrarium the way you want with sticks, stones, moss, and more

• Place fun things like fireflies and many more amazing objects with future updates

• Choose your Terrarium container

• Buy new items and plants at the in-game store