Retro Game Monsters Wallpaper

Video Game Bosses & Monsters for you to choose from and customize. Get that feel from your childhood of fighting a nasty game boss. This Live Wallpaper features side scrolling game bosses, and RPG monsters and bosses.


• 9 Bosses
• 8 Background
• Animated boss movement
• Boss Monster can fire an attack at you straight toward the screen (This power can be customized to different spells, energy, etc.)


Starship Live Wallpaper


Become a Galactic Citizen with your very own spaceship in full 3D!


– Fully animated and interactive Galactic Map

– Holodeck, ya a holodeck!

– Deep space detail

– Window mode (stare out the window at the amazing universe)

– Turn the ceiling off to enjoy the stars above

– Shooting stars, twinkling stars

– Right door opens on touch

– Sound on touch: door & central computer panels

– Adjust the lighting inside the ship

– Rotate Galactic map

Email possible bugs to:

ShadowInk Live Wallpapers

ShadowInk Live Wallpapers is a mega Live Wallpaper pack for windows 10. Almost every Live Wallpaper is in 2K-4K and fully customizable.



This app is a huge live wallpaper pack of some my live wallpapers I have made over the years (since 2014), all combined into one Windows 10 Live Wallpaper system. This is literally 5 years of custom assets I built exclusively for this type of  customization. Easily I could sell these as assets, but instead I choose to package them up in a very special way for “Hardcore Gamers” and “PC Builders” to enjoy!


• 13 Live Wallpapers, some can be customized others are in the process
• 2K-4K ready, you can be assured these are high quality and custom made assets
• Optimized to run the best at the highest possible quality
• Very user friendly

Treasure Chest Live Wallpaper

A hidden treasure trove awaits you on your home screen!


– Animated chest – jewels/coins come out on touch/swipe

– Animated jewels/coins rain from above, choose from Amethyst, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Coins

– Light shafts

– Light particles in the air

– Light brightness control

– Toggle automatic jewel emitter from chest

Beehive Live Wallpaper

Beehive Live Wallpaper is a 3D Beehive complete with a honeycomb, working bees, and dripping honey.
This live wallpaper is also designed to bring awareness to how important the bees are!

16-Bit Forest Live Wallpaper

This detailed 16-Bit Forest Wallpaper has been created from very high quality 16-bit sprites, and features parallax scrolling. The sky changes to day and/or night according to your devices time. Customize the trees, mountains, ground, and foliage.